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Some rapid hyperlinks to a couple of of the supplies I applied:

Screw lock sugar rockets
[✓] 12” x three/4” PVC sprinkler riser:
[✓] Spectricide stump remover:
[✓] Powdered sugar:
[✓] Uncented kitty litter:
[✓] Magic bullet:

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How To Make “Screw-Lock” Sugar Rockets that lock and load inside seconds, and have a constructed in parachute ejection charge, so you can get your rockets back safely.

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Endcard Hyperlinks:

Randomizer Rocket:
Uncomplicated Chutes:
N64 Rocket Controller:
Rocket Igniters:

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the details portrayed in this video, you assume the duty for the outcomes. While sugar rockets are the slowest burning of all rocket fuels, this project ought to not be attempted without having adult supervision, right permits, sufficient education, and at a place far away from persons, home, and something flammable. Misuse, or careless use, of rocket propellants may well outcome in really serious injury, wildfire, and in intense circumstances, death. Ignition of an incendiary or explosive material may well not be legal in your region. Verify nearby laws and inquire with nearby rocketry clubs on how to safely make and launch sugar rockets. Have exciting, but generally assume ahead, and recall that each and every project you attempt is at YOUR Personal Danger.

Music By:

Scott & Brendo “Kitten Air” Instrumental
YouTube: www.youtube.com/scottandbrendo

Project Inspired By:

A earlier project on producing Sugar Rockets ( I wanted a way to lock and load them into a homemade rocket, so they’d eject a parachute in a way that was light weight for the rocket, but nevertheless protected.

Project History & Additional Information:

I am genuinely excited to share my passion for creating and launching rockets with totally property-produced gear. In my opinion, it is the greatest way to find out about how rocketry genuinely functions.

In a earlier project ( I produced rocket motors employing PVC, sugar, kitty litter, and stump remover.

They worked so effectively they produced me want to style a rocket they could be applied with, and my pal Ritchie Kinmont with was instrumental in producing that project essentially come about.

I produced this tutorial to be a a lot more complete sugar motor tutorial, going more than all the issues you’d need to have to do to make a prosperous motor that will function with the “Randomizer” rocket, and addressing some of the problems and challenges I’ve faced in the previous with failed attempts.

The ‘Screw-Lock” version capabilities threaded PVC risers, that permit the motors to swiftly be changed, for more quickly turn-about occasions, and they have constructed in ejection charges for popping out the parachute at apogee.

I played about with ejection charges in the “Redneck Rocketry” video (

I comprehend most persons are not extremely excited by creating rockets, but for these who are, I hope you really feel the very same sense of wonder and awe as I did in creating this series.

Most rocket clubs will not let you fly sugar motors, except on unique experimental launch days. Nevertheless, the “Randomizer” rocket can also be applied with industrial “Estes” D12-three and E9-six black energy motors. So if you go with these, there is a very good possibility they will let you fly your rocket at any club launch.

The rocket can fly more than 1,000 feet higher, and based on the winds, can remain in the air for about five minutes though it floats back to the ground, so it is significant to be super cautious exactly where, and when, you launch to stay away from undertaking any harm.

Rockets are not toys, and this video is mostly for educational and demonstrational purposes. If you are going to try producing a rocket your self, I very recommend you verify nearby laws and inquire with nearby rocketry clubs on how to safely make and launch them.